Programming IR Functions/Commands

Im wondering how do I program the different commands that the IR board is supposed to recieve.I understand how to train the board bt actually programming it confuzzles me a little bit. I also need help setting it up so it will be working.
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I’m not sure if I understand your question. You never actually program the board itself. You simply train the board and then run PWM cables from the boards various pins to digital inputs on the OI. Then because each button push causes a pin to receive voltage you will be able to do various things based on the state of that pin.

So If I had CMD1 (or w/e) plugged into Digital in I would type

rc_dig_in01 == 1 then
hybrid function

or something along those lines

Yes I believe that is correct.

Hi i was wondering how we can do a multi functional button code. e.g. Command a goes forward, Command b stops etc.

There is a large section of the rules devote to this subject–I will do my best to summarize, but please read the rules.

You may send up to four distinct commands using the IR remote. You may not send commands involving code (like morse code) or in anyother way attempt to get more than four actions out of your four distinct commands. This is ideally to encourage people to create higher level command structures.

A sample set up might look like this.
Button 1–goes forward 2 seconds
Button 2–turns left 20 degrees
Button 3–turns right 20 degrees
Button 4–Reverse 2 seconds

You may not control your robot based off of a continually held down button.

Does that answer your question?

Our remote continuousy pulse too. I forgot to mention that.
Thanks though we will try that idea too.