Programming issues

We have a NavX Micro 2. And in our code we place back up spin towards the cube then we should spin back but when we try this it doesn’t stop spinning. Can someone help with the repository called complex auto code GitHub - 7657thunderbots/7657-complex-auto-code

I don’t see any file called “complex auto code” in that repository, nor did i see anything in any of the Auto* classes that seemed relevant. Can you provide more direction on where we should be looking?

Also, I would be surprised if your code doesnt crash running Auto1 since thats also calling new <subsystem>. I would expect a bunch of “CAN ID already in use” type HAL errors.

Oh I forgot to remove some stuff it should be in the file
We don’t run those files The auto in question is the second one the one after the first break. I should have been more clear