Programming Issues

hey guys, im having some issues with trying to have our autonomous mode run, or hybrid mode. im not sure how to do it so im asking how to. anyone know how to activate hybrid mode through the programming or something? we are just trying to run some motors with the remote. can anyone help? :confused:

You put your code in the Autonomous Routines section of User_Routines_Fast.c to activate this code you need to build a dongle that connects to the competition port. A switch between pins 5 and 8 will enable and disable autonomous. A switch between pins 6 and 8 enables and disables the whole robot. If you have more questions just ask.

thanks for the help, ill try it out and if it doesnt work ill tell about it and try to figure it out again.

ok next question… im kinda new at the autonomous thing so… we’ve never done this before either. what wires do i need for the switch… i know i need the ground one. what other wires? ive got green, blue, grey, white, red, orange, brown, yellow, and thats it…

Colors don’t matter much but I would use red from the pin to the switch and black from the switch to ground.