Programming Java

Hello, for the next year I would like to introduce my team to java programming for frc, I am very excited to learn a new programming language for frc, my goal is to take my team to the next level, my goal is to introduce PID to the programming of our robot next season, so I would appreciate all the information you could provide me on how to program in java from the basics to the advanced.

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Get familiar with it, it’s the best resource out there for FRC programming. For PID specifically, take a look at the Advanced Controls section, it’s not as hard as it might sound. Also heavily look into the command based framework documentation on there, because it is the current recommended way to structure your code.


Thanks for your information.

I maintain a Resource Compendium for Java Programming for FRC. Feel free to take a look through it for resources you may want to include in your team’s training.

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I run training slides which are imho, pretty aight: _Learning Java - Google Slides
For FRC specific usage, it is significantly more worth it to check official documentation and build on base Java skills; the resources that @wanderingcarrot provided do this job excellently.

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