Programming Kinect

We tried to use this code and it didn’t work.
This doesn’t show us values in LabView.

KinectTry.rar (7.32 KB)

KinectTry.rar (7.32 KB)

The only thing I see in that file is a LV project file. There is no code.

Sorry, this is the code:

KinectTry.rar (216 KB)

KinectTry.rar (216 KB)

Can someone help us?
Look at my previous comment.

Disclaimer: Sorry I do not have a Kinect at work to test this out. I will have to figure out how to get my hands on one before I can actually test this stuff out. My help may not be all that useful.

Do you see the Kinect working in the driver station? On the “Operation” Tab there is a status indicator. On the “Diagnostics” tab, there is a Kinect indicators, along with a refresh button. The Dashboard also has a tab for the Kinect Skeleton, does this work?

actually, i always could see the skeleton at the driver station.
so its not the problem.
any more helpful tips?

OK you can see the skeleton, but does it work? Does the skeleton move?

As SuperS 5 asked…
Do you see the Kinect working in the driver station?

On the “Operation” Tab there is a status indicator.
On the “Diagnostics” tab, there is a Kinect indicators, along with a refresh button.

The Dashboard also has a tab for the Kinect Skeleton, does this work?

Thanks for your comment, yes, everything works great in the dashboard and the driver station, any other ideas?

I haven’t opened the rar, but it sounds like it doesn’t contain the code anyway. Can you explain what doesn’t work? What is it you are reading on the robot, where are you reading it, etc.

Greg McKaskle

we uploaded a new file ,look at the next posts.
the code doesnt work at all, i mean raising my hand and moving around wont affect the vaules, its not affecting the Y Axis and neither the X Axis.

what can we do?

I see what you mean.
Retrieving data from the Kinect isn’t straight-forward for me either on a particular PC.
The network communication task does not appear to be supplying the Kinect data to the cRIO.

I’ll see what I can discover.

It seems to be due to the Driver Station PC, possibly when some of the required Kinect software is missing from it.
Symptoms are: the DS/Dashboard Kinect skeleton feedback works fine, but the cRIO never receives the data.
The good news is that your software works if I run it with a properly built Driver Station PC, such as the Classmate.
I’ll experiment some more to see what you’re likely to be missing, or what’s messing things up.

I assume it was not something really simple like failing to enabled from the Driver Station?

The general flow of information is that the Kinect Server sends data to the DS. The DS then sends Kinect data to the dashboard, the Kinect Kiosk attached to the field, and to the robot as a part of the control packet. I haven’t had any issues getting it to work, and it isn’t on a new port, so I’m still not sure what is not working.

Mark, if you want to debug deeper into it, the Start Communications VI makes a call to read the Kinect Joysticks and sets them along with the four USB ones. This is where the large number of Unbundle by Names are located. Please check the outputs from this VI and potentially the error code inside the VI.

As mentioned in another post, the header call I think contains an output called version. If data is coming from the Server, the version also contains error info.

Greg McKaskle

That’s where I looked before when I said no data was showing up.
Regular joystick info. is coming through fine, but the Kinect data in NetComm_Kinect_GetJoystickData remains all zeros (including “Success” which makes sense). I switched over to the default code, it gets the same results. I was thinking it might be due to differences in Microsoft packages installed.

Anything in particular you’d like checked?
I can freeze the PC that produces the error, but I don’t have many Win 7 machines to cross-experiment with.

I haven’t spent much time on it today, as I’m rebuilding some PCs for a different experiment and took some time off from robotics.

The left attachment is a non-working Driver Station - HP netbook.
The right attachment is a working Driver Station - Classmate fresh from being restored.
Default robot project.

We tried to use the kinect on other computer and it didn’t work.
After enabling the robot we moved our hands and the values in the labview code just stayed the same, at Zero.

we will appreciate other ideas, thank you very much for trying to help us.

Our team is having the same problem. What you should try is to get the information from the Kinect Header vi, and see if you get valid values. We’re getting 0 for numPlayers, false for success, and a blank version string, so for some reason the code is unable to communicate with the Kinect. However, we can see the skeleton updating fine in the DS.

FIRST is looking at this problem of some PCs not passing on the Kinect data.

Ok thanks, I guess we will stay tuned and we’re hoping for some good news anytime soon.

Okay, FIRST thinks that the issue seems to be due to a conflict with the missing Cypress IO board.

Here are some temporary solutions to try.
Please, report back if this helps or fails.

  • See if plugging your Cypress board USB in makes it all better.

*]Go to the Driver station I/O tab, click Configure and change it to Compatible mode to see if that makes the Kinect data work.