Programming Logitech Joystick--how to access right thumbstick?

Hi, we are trying to program the Logitech joystick

However, the methods stick.GetX or stick.GetY only access the left thumbstick–we cannot retrieve the values for the right thumbstick. (FYI, thumbsticks are the twirling little sticks on the game controller…):ahh: ::rtm::

How do we use the Get methods to find values for the second thumbstick? Our team is hoping to use tankdrive this year… Thanks!::safety:: :slight_smile:

You’ll need to use getRawAxis to access the other axes of the stick. I don’t know the exact mapping of your gamepad so you’ll ant to use a dashboard or console output to find out the axes you need to use.

You can find the axes (if you’re using Windows) by going into Control Panel, Devices and Printers, and right-click on the Joystick. Then, go into properties and you should see the info there. If you can’t see some data, begin a calibration and look at the data there, just cancel before it saves the calibration profile.

If there are only 3 axes, you can just use stick.GetZ too, unless you have more than that. In that case, follow kittylan’s instruction.

Hope this helps!