programming method

we are a new team and we don’t have much experience.
should we use java or c++ or labview?

we don’t know java but we can learn and we don’t have much people that know c++ but we can learn it as well.
most of us know the basic of labview from lego engineer.

what should we use? plz help!

Hello, I would recommend for your team to learn java. From other people experiences, they said that learn java was easier than c++. Our team never used labview, so we do not know its capabilities. Don’t be afraid to teach something people have no clue about.

There are tons of threads about this already that cover it well.
To start.





As pointed out, this has been discussed to death. That said, if nobody on your team has any programming experience whatsoever I’d say LabView, but if you have members or mentors who are familiar with text-based languages use Java. I would not recommend C++ for a rookie team because of the learning curve and relative lack of FRC-specific documentation compared to the other two languages.

Interesting that you say Java has better documentation - I’ve always felt C++ was better documented. I guess the grass is greener on the other side.

I’m actually pretty sure the documentation for C++ and Java are basically identical. The classes have identical uses, but small differences in implementation so I would assume they would just use the same documentation (with formatting difference eg. javadocs). I could be wrong though.

Given the short time frame before Kickoff and build season and since you already know the basic of Labview, I recommend using what you know right now.

Your mentors don’t necessarily need to know Labview to help you understand the inner workings or help you debug your logic. I learned enough Labview in weekend to be able to work with it for my team a few years ago.

In the off season if you wanted to learn C++ or JAVA then switch by all means go ahead, but, I wouldn’t advise it now give the time line.

The official documentation is about equivalent for both languages (leaning toward C++ a bit even), but in my experience I’ve found more Java tutorials, presentations and example code written by teams and other third parties than I have C++.

Good point. I can attest to that. (We have a shared folder with a ton of resources from other teams)