Programming Minibot

Is there any language we have to use to program the minibot?:eek:

I do believe reading that you could use LabView or maybe easyC? Something like that. I’m kind of concerned with this also because I have never programmed outside of FRC and general programming.

It appears that if you use the NXT controller than you will be using a simplified version of Labview. Really simplified.

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In regards to using LabView to program, this thread in the LabView section has some pretty decent discussion.

My post in that thread discusses how you could accomplish programming in LabView for FRC and FTC on the same computer:

Note: kamocat has recently posted a response that for this year he has had no trouble installing FRC LabVIEW on laptops with the FTC LabVIEW.

You should be able to use any language you can use for FTC (Labview and RobotC) I believe.

I think that is why we were advised to make the acquaintance of FLL or FTC teams. They are familiar with programming the NXT for their respective seasons. Most of the FLL teams are done for the year, but I think FTC are still active. FLL teams are also harder to find.:slight_smile:

There has been speculation about restrictions on programming language for the NXT. I will eventually scour the rules to find it. It’s only needed after a climber minibot is built that needs an NXT.

My team was thinking that we were going to use just a simple PIC. Does anyone know if that is against the rules because it isn’t used by FTC teams?

::rtm:: PIC not included in allowable MINBOT parts. AFAIK ::rtm::

I LOVE THE NXT!!! :o i have one myself. so how exactly do we program it?

Can’t we just use the FLL NXT-G Mindstorm program that comes with the device? It’s a really simple version of Labview

There has been no word that I know of that says you have to use a certain program though I think if you use LabView it will be easier.

There are a variety of languages that can be used for the NXT. It is highly recommended you find an FTC team for help. There is a “Find teams in my area” on the First website to help in your search.

Why would you program the Mini-bot?

Everyone knows that code just adds excessive weight.

I don’t think the scales are accurate enough for a few million electrons to make a difference. Also, The FTC languages are NXT-G, Labview, and RobotC.

OK… first the programming language does not matter… but team 931 my team is not going to program it we are gonna use household switches…

So I see that there are multiple languages you can program the minibot in which is fine and I think we can figure that out. Our team’s issue is that we don’t have a nearby FLL or FTC team and I don’t know where to get the “brick” and other other components that are used to build the minibot. Are those just things we can buy on andymark or something? Please forgive my ignorance and any pointers in the right direction will be appreciated.

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Are we allowed to use a microcontroller such as a Basic Stamp or an Arduino?

Wouldn’t that interfere with rule <R03>?

Custom circuits and COTS electronics are expressly prohibited if they:
A. Interfere with the operation of other ROBOTS.
B. Directly affect any output devices on the ROBOT.

ROBOT is defined as

ROBOT – …ROBOT includes both the HOSTBOT and the MINIBOT.

The motors are output devices. Or is this a misinterpretation of the rules? ::rtm::

No, it has to be the one listed on the rules.