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How would I start programming with a Rev Robotics Neo Brushless Motor with Java?

Have you read through their docs yet? That would be step 1. Step 2 will be to follow their docs. And steps 3+ will depend on what youre trying to do.

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By typing letters with your keyboard, generally :slight_smile:

Yes, for sure - documentation is the first place to start. Robots is a sport of learning, and learning happens when you consume information.

Check out what Rev has to say about how their products work, and how to write code for them. From there, formulate what you want your robot to do, and what you need Rev’s products to do to achieve that.

From there, let us know more information about your physical setup, what is or isn’t currently working, what you’ve tried and not seen good results with, etc… all that stuff. Keep in mind we’re not in the room with you, so we don’t have any context to what your current roadblock actually is. The more detail you put into your description, the better answer you’ll get.

Really - the folks here are great at cutting through unnecessary detail. Provide as many details as you think are relevant. Then provide three times more. Let us be the arbiter of whether “Suzie’s car is red” is relevant to “y = x+3”. You’ll learn fast enough what is or isn’t relevant. But the better place to start is “too much info” rather than “too little info”.

For what it’s worth, as others have indicated - “We’re just starting out and don’t know where to begin” is a very different question than “We have this code, we expected something, We tried X, Y, Z, A, B and C, and are still seeing a problem, don’t know what to try next”. Knowing which camp you’re in is critical to providing the right answer.

In any case - welcome to Chief Delphi, and welcome to FIRST! Hopefully the flurry of “please provide more info” responses is evidence of the community that is genuinely here to support you and desires the best for you, and just needs more info to help you debug remotely. Virtual high-five to you for even reaching out!!

Start with Introduction — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation. The easiest way to control your motors is going to be using PWM and following the WPILib docs (if you do this, you’d connect your SparkMAX motor controllers to the RoboRIO using a three wire PWM connector, which usually have small red, white, and black wires).

If you want to make use of the more advanced features of the Spark MAX motor controller, here are the docs. Getting Started with SPARK MAX - SPARK MAX You’d have to connect to your motor with CAN, which typically uses a twisted pair of yellow and green wires.

I notice you’re a rookie team. If you have no one who’s experienced with programming on your team (or even if you do) it would be very helpful for you to contact a local team for help. You can find nearby teams through the team search or have one of your lead mentors reach out to your FIRST Senior Mentor. A lot of FIRST teams would really like to support a rookie team like yours.

If you need to ask more questions on Chief Delphi, it’s best to always include a link to your complete code, preferably uploaded to a source control site like Github, and be as complete as possible in your question.

Thank you for the responses I thought I would never have gotten answers

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