Programming Pneumatics in Labview


Here is our problem:
We have a pneumatic system setup with 1 compressor, 1 pressure switch, and 1 double solenoid.

How would I go about programming so that the compressor will turn on at the cRIO boot and the solenoid would activate when I press a joystick button.

Also… the compressor is connected through a spike into relay 1 on solenoid breakout and the double solenoid is connected to relay 2 and 3 on the solenoid breakout. The pressure switch is connected to digital output 1 on the digital sidecar

I think you mistyped and really have the compressor Spike wired to Relay 1 on the Digital Sidecar, not far from the pressure switch that’s in DIO 1.
The spike does NOT plug into the solenoid breakout, only the solenoids do that.

To run the compressor:

To fire the solenoid:

So to clear up wiring

Compressor- wired to a spike relay…connected to relay 1 on digital sidecar

Pressure switch- wired to DIO 1…is this is a pwm cable with the middle (power) disabled?

Double Solenoid- Wired with pwm??? to solenoid breakout on cRIO



This only uses two pins, so you don’t use a regular 3-pin PWM cable for this. There were 2-pin cables include in the KOP that you can cut in half to make two 2-pin solenoid connectors.