Programming Pneumatics with new module

My team needs to program a pneumatic system that will make a piston open and close. it also needs to be able to allow the piston to go up and down certain amounts, not just all the way in or all the way out. Will some one please respond with an example on how to program this on labview for the new robot rio and new pneumatic module.

Thank you

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If you explain how you got this to work with the cRIO, it should be easy to help get it to work with the roboRIO. Quite possibly, no code changes will be necessary.

Is sounds as if you are trying to create a pneumatic jack with frc parts. Read up on pneumatic jacks before attempting this. There is a significant difference between hydraulic systems and pneumatic ones. It is not impossible, but you will need very specific amounts of air pressure (multiple regulators?). Also each air pressure is good for a certain load. You may also want to look into how gas springs work in order to figure out a way to go about this task. Good luck!