Programming Prob-Analog sensors!!

When we look at the Dashboard viewer, we get a value listed under analog 1 from 0-255 however sensor1 is not receiving the value. Yes, all of the sensor1 one lines are uncommented and the serin line does include the sensor1 parameter. (What is the packet_num variable for?) Any ideas for what reason the sensor1 variable is not getting the value for analog 1 . Thanks,
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Could you post your code, or at least everything up to and including the SERIN? If you’d rather email it to me, I’d be happy to take a look at it there also. [email protected]


If the sensor in question is one of the light sensors, then your problem is that you are working with a digital sensor and an analog variable…

If the variables in the Serin are not in the correct order, or there are not the correct number of them, then the analog input value may be going to another variable.

for example, if you have a,b,c,d variables in the serin, and you tell the COM to send in a,c,d,g, by setting CONs to 1, b will get c’s value, c will read in d"s value, and d will have g’s

DEBUG can monitor the value you program sees; the Dashboard can only report what value the RC sees on the input.