Programming Radio 2014 Config

We have our roboRIO up and running with code and responding properly through the USB connection.

Every time we run the FRC Bridge Configuration Utility it opens but the Network Interfaces box is just gray with no display and it just locks. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software with always the same results.

We are using the utility dated 12/16/2014, and a FIRST Classmate.

Any ideas on what is wrong?

Is your ethernet port enabled and working?

Try turning off the wireless adapter in the classmate. Also, I don’t think this will help but you could try running the program as an administrator. Plug a single network cable straight into the bridge.

These are both two good questions. I have got the system up and running as a home network and so we can work on the Bot but the program will not run. I forced things by hand.

We can upload code to the RoboRIO and “drive” both wired to the RIO with USB and wire to the modem with a CAT 5. Also we can do this wireless. So for development we have no issues.

My real concern is if there is something wrong with our classmate software as it sits and FIRST can’t configure things for the competition at a regional we are stuck.

We have time to figure this out but I am stumped. The problem seems to be software related to me but maybe that is blinding me to the real problem.

Our classmate CPU goes 100% after driver station is loaded. Even when classmate is not connected to radio or roboRIO. There are no other softwares on this classmate. No antivirus no firewall. Windows 7 firewall is disabled and wireless is disabled.

If you CPU usage is 100%, you may try to kill the dashboard and see if that was the issue. Also, what happens once you connect to the robot? Can you characterize when this happens?

Greg McKaskle