Programming SCORBOT ER 3

I wanna ask if possible programming Scorbot ER 3 on : Matlab or Labview ,and if it’s possible How I can do that ??

It appears that the Scorbot is an embedded controller. It can communicate via RS232 but beyond that, you would need to design and build a custom controller that could use and interpret other software. This product first became available in the mid 1990’s but is still in use in many schools today.

Hi Osama,
The Scorbots are a line of intelitek robots - please email [email protected] and they’ll be able to help you get it up and running.


i guess u dont know hebrew but i have a DOS program in Hebrew that work with the exact same model… its on an A “disc” if it’s usufuel and u can find a hebrew speekr tell me and ill try sanding it over to you. if not ill try calling the company that manufactured it (an Israeli company) and ask them if they have a copy of it in English .
any way. other then what Al Skierkiewicz said about the RS232 connectors and the controller that is made for this robot especially make sure u have and old enough mother-board that will be capable of running this thing. i haven’t succeed making it work with a “new” computer and i had to dig up for something 15 years old from my school storage.

by the way, my team (3211) modeld our arm for this years FRC robot on a SCORBOT ER 3 we have at school (its more the 20 years old) so i think its a very good robot

you are right about the new models of Scorbots but the ER3 was made by Eshed Robotec (an Israeli company)
u can see it in the user manual

You reminded me that many of these old DOS serial control applications simply won’t run under Windows past ME due to changes in the read/write communications under newer versions (non-DOS shell) of Windows. There are a few companies that are selling software that will correct the problem for Windows machines. As I remember there is an issue with main boards designed for Windows modem communications, I just don’t remember what the exact problem was.

And back in my days on the intelitek support call line I took calls about servicing the ER3. I recommend giving it a shot, at least. Good luck!