Programming the 2009 Control system (cRIO image)

Well, my team has an off season robot that we use for charity events, school events, etc. We were using the 2005 control system for the robot until a series of unfortunate events leading to the use of a fire extinguisher on the robot happened:mad: . We still have the Control system from 2009 (lunacy) and a spare cRIO, which was used for program testing this past season. We have the program built, but we cannot find the image for the cRIO for the past 2009 season.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Phil -

Your best bet is to treat the cRIO like its from 2010 (format it as such), and just use a spare netbook/laptop as the driver station.

OK! Great! We will try that.


Also, you could consider using this if you really are interested in using the 2009 system

just my .02

Just to clarify, the DS for 2009 and 2010 are compatible. The 2010 one has a few additional features, primarily extended I/O, but other 2009 soft DSes or the blue box will work fine with a 2010 image and tools except that the robot that reads extended I/O will never receive it from an 09 DS.

Greg McKaskle

GREAT! thanks guys!