Programming the LL2

I’m a new programmer for our team. I understand there are docs at I’m stuck on the Imaging step. What .zip file do i choose/look out for?

the image file that you download from the downloads page

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keeps saying i failed the flash

Is there an error code or something? Is your Limelight setup from a previous year?

No just this year
Doesnt say any error code


Can you re-download Etcher from the downloads page? The 2+ actually requires the newest version which was linked on our site very recently.

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i have the regular 2 not the 2+
regardless, i’m able to download etcher multiple times (lag made it 3 extra copies)

Sending a PM

99% of the time flashing problems are caused by a faulty USB cable or a USB cable that doesn’t have the data lines (charging only cable).

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just got it flashed, now moving onto the networking

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I see those 2 bonjours. Do i need to uninstall any of that?

I think this is ok. you only need it if you intend to connect to the limelight with an mDNS address e.g. http://limelight.local:5801

Otherwise you can use limelights ip finder tool and hard code those ip addresses (for now)

stuck on this step, i’m not able to connect to limelight.local:5801

Don’t connect to the mdns address. Instead, connect to the 10.TE.AM.xx:5801 where xx is found using the limelight finder tool.

on LL finder i see

Broadcasting (

Perfect put “:5801” after that address and you should be good to go

so enter this in the web address bar


the robot’s currently wired as

radio <-> rio via ethernet
radio <-> laptop via ethernet
LL <-> PDP

Nope, just use . Limelight.local is an mdns domain, totally separate from an IP address, which doesn’t use mdns at all. Usually IP is more reliable.