Programming the parallax PING))) Ultrasonic Sensor

Has anyone programmed the parallax ultrasonic range finder to work with the Full-size FRC? If so could you kindly show me how to do that? I have already seen the sonar.c and sonar.h code written by Mike but it is for the EDU and he told me that he has not tested it on the Full-size RC yet. If anyone has, could you kindly show me how?

I have tested it on the full sized RC and it works well with no changes. I tried to rewrite the sonar driver to use only one digital IO pin but the pin cannot be changed quickly from output to input.

I have also tested it on the full RC but it does not build because it try to find the <pecdef.h> header file from Kevin’s code. When I downloaded Kevin’s code, I got an error message after including the sonar.c and sonar.h in the project. the message was making ref. to PIC18f8520 which is the microcontroller on the mini-rc. Can you tell me how you got it to work?

Take a look at this post.