Programming the pneumatic control as an annunciator display

I’ve created a BenchBot to assist mentoring the school team programming tasks against a prescribed set of use cases. I’d like to have an “annunciator display” with LEDs showing the state of the limit switches, encoder values, etc. I’ve read through all the topics in CD with folks looking at using DIO or PWM ports on the RoboRio.
I’m considering using the Pneumatic Control Module (PCM) wiring LEDs in place of solenoids. I know this works as we have it setup already as a proxy for the pneumatic system.
My question is, thoughts on keeping the current on all the time, would it short or burn out the hardware? I’m trying to avoid adding another coprocessor like Arduino to build this out.
Example: Limit switch A. Red led = open circuit, green led = closed circuit. Program the “red light” terminal to always be on and when limit switch is triggered switch the “green light” terminal on and red light terminal off. Kind of like a traffic light display.


Product Documentation - NI lists out the specs for the roboRIO.

For any electronics worth its salt, unless otherwise noted, I would expect all quoted current capacities would be supported continuously for the service life of the device.

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