Programming the Team Number!

I am a mediocre programmer and I’m having trouble figuring out how to program the team number.

I am aware that there are dip switchs used to set it but if you have not noticed yet there aren’t any of the for the 2008 FRC Robot Controller.

If you know how to fix it it would be much appreciated. Just email me or continue the thread.

Set the dip switches on the OI, then tether up and power on.

i understand that portion i have done that on our previous robot. But if you look at this years controller there are no dip switchs where you can set the number. Our team is 0640 and the controller only works on 0003.

You set the team number on the OI ONLY. Then when you tether the OI to the RC **the OI sets **the team numberon the RC.

EDIT: Just to be clear, by tether I mean connecting the RED serial cable directly to the tether port on the OI, and to the tether port on the RC.

Thanks i think i understand!

This is a problem for a lot of teams getting started, and several (many?) posting on this issue. I’ve documented the procedure in the first couple pages of my programming class “Applied Robot Programming for FRC 'bots”