Programming Tools

I am a programming mentor for 2102, Team Paradox and we have a few programming related items we would like to share.

First of all, we have put together some simple tutorials that we have been using for the past couple of years to help new students learn how to program FRC robots in Java. These can be found here:

Secondly, for several years now we have been offloading our vision processing to a Raspberry Pi. This year we are using a Raspberry Pi 4 which has allowed us to increase the frame rate to 90 FPS at a resolution of 640x480 and 50 FPS at 1280x720. Details of how we do this, including pre-built Pi images can be found here. We are also including a complete FRC robot java project as an example on how to use this camera system.

Finally, we are providing some motion profiling tools which can be found here:


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