programming types

Ive been woundering how other teams have been doing with their programming laguages? my team has switched over to java. What is your teams languages, what do you recemend?

We use C++ and love it, but I’m biased. If a team has anyone with prior experience in a language, they should stick to that language.

Well personally, I use C++ at home and for fun and whatnot.

However, my team uses LabVIEW as we have experience with using it for the robot.

We use JAVA, but the controls team is proficient with C++ as well, since they’re not very different, so I think it would be fun to switch to C++ some year.

Also, it would be nice to get some faster code going!

We use c++ on the robot for its quick execution speed. Since many of our programmers are also proficient in java, we could use that as well.

We use LabVIEW, and it’s pretty forgiving to new programmers and experienced alike. I’m not new to programming, but LabVIEW is very user friendly due to its graphical nature. I thought I wouldn’t like it, but it’s grown on me. :wink:

labview FTW. I came from C, but for small stuff, labview is way faster.

LabView is like visual basic which kind of corrupts you from the high end languages with all of its terrible syntax.

We use C++:]

It seems this year for us LabVIEW was the way to go. We have programmed the past three years with C++ so our programming team has become acustomed with it. At the start of the season we kinda did a pros and cons list for deciding which language would be best. Seeing that this year was a much more programming intensive year and that real time control of things such as motor speeds and PID gains was almost strictly required, we decided on using LabVIEW. LabVIEW has proved to be very easy for us to switch to and it provides an AMAZING debugging interface so that we can quickly fix our problems.

LabVIEW definately works this year :wink: .

We use many languages for many purposes.

The TechnoKats robot has been programmed in LabVIEW since we started using the cRIO. The Dashboard likewise.

A couple of little utility scripts for doing software archival and network configuration changes are written as DOS Batch files.

On rare occasion we pull out the old Microchip compiler and use C to throw together something to run a robot with an IFI control system.

The team web site has bits of PHP.

We use PIC assembly language for the guts of our second-generation New Years light ball. The ball control command/control/sequencer “console” is programmed in Tcl/Tk. (The planned third-generation system will use Arduinos and C.)

Tcl/Tk is kind of an all-purpose tool for my one-off programming projects. It maintains the countdown-until-stop-build clock for our attendance computer’s screen saver. It runs the slide show and timer and display of names each year for Relay for Life. It produces the PDF calendar of team events that gets printed and distributed at the season preview meeting each year. I’ve been meaning to use it for an official electrical/pneumatic/control wiring database that can print out component and wiring labels, but that’s a back-burner project right now.

I’m also experimenting with a Google Document Apps Script to do automated email notifications.