Programming Vex Starter Kit To Recieve From Serial Port

Dear All
will be really grateful if any one could give me any help concerning the following (as I am not capable of accomplishing such a task without your help) :

I just brought the vex starter kit which contains a microcontroller ( consists of 2 PIC18F8520) and I want to bluetooth enable the kit (control the robot using bluetooth) . so I will connect a bluetooth module to the serial port of the microcontroller and ill connect a bluetooth dongle to my pc & I brought also the vex programming module .

The Main Problem :

the microcontroller must be re-programmed (edit the default code) to receive from the serial port instead of receiving from the rx port and I think this program is related to the terminal emulation software or any other application that ill use to control the robot .

so if you could please help me in editing the default code of the vex starter kit
( “is a hex file”
) .

your kind technical assistance and advices will be highly appreciated , thank you for your kind concern and attention and please accept my warm regards .

P.S :
I am not a programmer and have no background about this area , so please advice me with any necessary hints about the variables that I must use in the terminal emulation software or any other application and any other notes to be considered or useful to me in this concern , so I can advise any one of my friends who is experienced in programming , so he can do it (an application to control the robot) correctly .