Programming Vision Tracking

Hello. I am trying to make a basic program that enables our robot to simply turn to face the vision target. I have already used the vision assistant to make a reliable .vi and I need help with the rest of the program inside labview.

Link to file:

www dot mediafire dot com/?84xtjrnrw421cr2

(replace “dot” with period)

So basically I don’t know:

A. How to ftp the reference image onto the crio and have the program know where it is.

B. Whether the rest of the program will work

C. Am I missing anything?

Thanks! :smiley:

I just realized that you will need the vision .vi too. :yikes: :yikes:

here: www dot mediafire dot com/?k8pndljn4x76a8o

I believe that if you extract the “custom vi” folder to your documents it should work.

Your new vi’s just need to

  1. Get copied into the appropriate Documents->LabVIEW Data project folder
  2. Open your LabVIEW project
  3. Then drag the new vi’s from the project folder onto the Project Explorer window and onto the Team Code
    sub-folder*]Add the appropriate vi calls to your regular code
    It all gets compiled into your regular project and downloaded as an integral part of that.

Ok, what about ftp-ing the reference image?

I’m a little unsure of what reference image needs to be ftp-ed, but you can use any ftp program, or even the MS File Explorer. You type into the file path prompt and you should see the cRIO file system via ftp. I don’t have one with me, but select a directory to put the image and drag it in. You may then need to update the path to point to that location. For paths on the cRIO built on Windows, I think that c:\ is equivalent to the / root.

Greg McKaskle