Programming Voltages in Easy-C

hello fellow team
we were having trouble w/ speeds and stuff w/ our robot
i found out that you can set voltages to motors to make the motor go faster
is this possible?
and if it is, how can i do this in Easy-C?
im not much of a programmer and i am learning w/ Easy-C
if anyone can help i would greatly appreciate it
-team 270

I haven’t used EasyC, but I know that it is very similar to WPILib, which I have used extensively.

Anybody, correct me if I’m wrong, but you use the SetPWM() function. You pass two values. The first value is the PWM port on the robot you want to output to, and the second value is the speed from 0 to 255. 0 is full reverse, 127 is neutral, and 255 is full forward.

cool, ill try that
thank you

This should be in the EasyC forum :slight_smile:

You might find it easier to use the pre-written drive functions under the RC Control tab.