Programming with C++ from Linux

First of all: I tried searching for this, but found nothing both modern and relevant.

My team is switching to C++ this year from Java. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to a Windows laptop. Is there any way I can program the robot with C++ from my laptop without having to buy an expensive copy of Windows?

Personally, I would prefer using emacs + makefile to download code, but I’ll be happy with anything that’ll spare me from shelling out $200 to Microsoft.

On a related sidenote: Does anyone know if I can use the image flashing software from WINE?

There is something that is both modern and relevant under the search for “linux C++”, although it is not blatantly obvious, Java VS C++ || The Final Decision

I’d re-think switching to C++ if you don’t have Windows, but if you can’t do it, there are ways to hack around it.

^ is the instructions for building vxWorks kernel modules without Wind River. If you name the output file to FRC_UserProgram.out and add the WPILib.a binary to the makefile, it should build for FRC properly. You’ll have to run the builder in Wine though.

Once the code is built, just ftp it to /ni-rt/system/

I have a gcc cross compiler for x86_64 that produces ppc output, but have not tried compiling for the robot yet.

I am waiting for our team’s pre-season activities to start.

If you have any success with your compiler, please let me know. I’ve been meaning to try building a cross-compiler when I get time.

A couple months ago, someone else asked a similar question to the OP’s question, in a more roundabout way, and l sent them an email with some instructions and code which got put into a post that is here. There should be enough information in that post to build and deploy a basic robot image from under Linux.