Programming Workshops

Now that the excitement of summer has settled in and everyone has enjoyed their time off from school, I was wondering if any teams in the St Louis area would be interested in have 1706 come over and do a vision programming workshop for them. Our vision system has won the team engineering excellence at the Queen City regional in 2012 as well as the St Louis regional in 2013.

For a quick summary, we used the Microsoft kinect, which could be replaced with an axis camera, along with an O-Droid X2 board for an on-board processor. The OpenCV libraries were used and it was programmed in mostly c, with some c++ commands. We are working on converting the program to strictly c++ due to the c++ library seems to be the one being added to.

It doesn’t take a lot of students to do vision programming, but it does take a lot of effort. Last year there was 1 student and 2 mentors trying to figure it out, and this year 2 students and 1 mentor. It’s a lot of work, but lots of fun.

If anyone is interested or has questions, please contact me on here.

This is exactly what my team is trying to learn this summer! (kinect, ODROID, C++, OpenCV; you nailed it all). We’re stuck in Montana, though…

I would love to do some skype workshops, if that is at all possible. I just finished my second off season vision project. PM me or email me if you’re interested.