Does anyone know if programming will be allowed for this year?

I’m assuming this is an OCCRA question. I think there will be programming this year based primarily on the fact that we are having a “Controls and Programming” workshop.

An official answer would be nice though, wouldn’t it?

ya, when i saw that there was a programming workshop i assumed that it will be allowed. i think they didn’t have it last year because of all the new teams. but if i remember correctly there are very few rookies this year, so i think they allowed programming as an extra challenge

Yes Programming was voted in as being allowed for the teams that want to this year. Programming is NOT required. Teams can use the default program.

Also, there will be some already done programs provided for teams that do not have programmers on their team.

Thanks for an official answer.

Just curious if any of the examples would include a feedback control example, say for doing feedback control for the position of an arm? I think this is the biggest advantage to being able to do custom programming.

Also, does this mean we can do some custom controlls this year, like rocker switches?


That will need to be asked at the kick off to Jim Zontag for a final official answer.

I do not believe we will be providing any examples of completed routines, just the basic information shared at the controls workshop.

It will not be the intent of the OCCRA comittiee to develop programming for teams.

If a team chooses to program they do so at their own risk. The controllers work very well in the default mode.