Programs to simulate driving with swerve?

My team is looking to do swerve drive this year. Our main concern is that we’ve never done it before, and might not have enough time to practice driving. We have tried Autodesk Synthesis, but it does not map to the exact way we plan on driving it with the joystick. Does anyone know of other programs similar to Synthesis that could help?

FYI, before someone says it. We are aware a simulation is nothing like the real thing. We understand real life drive practice is the best option. But, in the meantime, we would like something else we could practice with.

Thank you!

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Or the slightly more up to date:

Clone the repo, run ./gradlew desktop:run. Note I’ve only tested this on Linux and I don’t think it currently works with windows. We have someone that will be programming on Windows this year so I’ll probably try and get that working in the next few days.

It’s currently set up to use a PS4 controller.

This might not be as polished as you were hoping. It’s mostly set up for my use case and probably needs some tinkering.

There’s also this, which is probably easier to get working since it’s online:

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