I always assumed these files were made in inventor, but the other day I was going over soemthing with somebody and they said they weren’t. So my question is, what program where these drawings made in?

Also, what were these made in?

I’m trying to assess the scope of these programs, whats the difference between Inventor, AutoCad, AutoCad Mechanical, and Autodesk Architectural? (mainly inventor and autocad)


The border on the first ones look like what Inventor defaults to use. However, becuase that is a standard (ANSI I think, but it could be a different one) it doesn’t mean it is. But it probably is because of the level of detail and the fact that the title block is filled out the way it is.

The other drawings don’t look quite like inventor (the arrows are different) and it lacks the boarder that would likely accompany a drawing like it. But again, the styles can be changed in Inventor, and becuase of the detail, it is likely it is.

Whether they are made in Inventor or not, they can be.

Inventor is made for making 3d models an production drawings. It is good for CNC and rapid prototyping and for virtural prototyping. AutoCAD is made for 2D drawings and some 3D models. It is good for making final drawings or quick drawings. They are basically finished drawings and are hard to be changed.

I saw a person with Architectural desktop. It looked like AutoCAD, but as made to create 3D buildings and the like. I don’t think you can make robot parts in Architectural desktop, but it looks nice and still might be good for that.

I don’t know about Mechanical Desktop, but I have been told that it is like Inventor.