Project 10^100


As many of you are aware, Google’s Project 10^100 is in full swing. What some of you may not have noticed is that, under one of the categories, a FIRST related idea is up on the list of potential projects. For those of you interested in the 10^100 Project:

Vote For The FIRST Idea

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I would like to know who submitted this FIRST idea to Google? I submitted at least a likeness of the idea and would like to know how many others did as well (if you would prefer to remain anonymous just PM me. Thank you and remember, all votes must be cast by October 8th!

I would strongly suggest that everyone read Tristan’s post on the subject in this thread before voting.

Seconded. And as always, search before you post.

I knew that thread existed, the reason I made this thread was to see if anyone else submitted similar ideas that were merged into that one.