project 4 next season

by any chance does any one know where i can get specs on last years bosch motors, the fisher pricemotors,globe motors or segways:]

does any one know wut the abbreviation mNm stands for in terms of load of a motor

A Newton-metre is equivalent to 0.7375621 foot-pounds. I assume a mNm refers to a milli-Newton-metre, a thousandth of a Newton-metre. In a motor I think this refers to torque.

Sandrag -

Did the motor performance specs on that spreadsheet come from actual measurements, theoretical calculations, or manufacturers specs? I ask because some of the numbers are suspect. Specfically, the free current ratings for the Bosch motors don’t even come close to anything we saw when actually measuring currents.

The Bosch motors supplied this year are heavily biased for forward timing in the windings. We measured over a dozen different Bosch drill motors with a digital meter during the course of the season. When running under no load in the forward direction, we saw currents of 0.6 to 1.2 amps. However, when running in reverse we measured between 5.1 to 5.8 amps, based on the motor.

The 2.5 amps noted in the spreadsheet may be an attempt at an average value between forward and reverse. But it is probably not indicative of actual performance. That would also call into question the speed and torque values, unless these were actually measured values.


That is way more testing than we did. Do you have any data in a file you can send along? I would be very interested in the trends between motors running FWD and REV. Anything would be helpful.

Those are the specs for the 2002 motors (and the van door from '01). As far as I know the Chiaphua and Globe specs are the same as this year.

We have not done any testing of our own. All the specs came from the Joe Johnson motor spreadsheet.

So, what are projects 1 through 3? :slight_smile:

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**So, what are projects 1 through 3? :slight_smile: **

Hehe, he oes that a lot, fair warning, also can anyway tell me how to find out how much power I can generate by spinning the different motors under an alternative power? like a generator?

i was wondering if any team thats not using the 2003 fischer price motors would be willing to trade them to team 263?:]