Project Idea for CD?

Some of my friends and I were talking today and it got me to thinking. Many people do not know what to write to their senators and congressman both US and State. What I am proposing on this topic is to write one or two or even more drafts, that people can useto be a **model **for their letter.

What I want you guys to do is come up with maybe an introductory paragraph or a body paragraph or something that we forgot to mention. Together with your help, lets see if we can write a few different models that say what some are thinking but don’t know how to put on paper.

If you can please contribute on this thread please do. And if you need help ask some friends to help or mentors or teachers or even parents.



Here is something very basic I came up with. Please feel free to modify and re-post it with your suggestions and lets see what hundreds of members on CD can do when they put their thoughts together to achieve a common goal.

Incomplete 1st Draft

Due to the demand of scientists and engineers in our country there have been programs started to help inspire innovation and technology the the students. This program called FIRST, For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology, helps motivate young students and educate them by turning yesterday’s problems into today’s solutions.

I encourage you to read the following article on how Rhode Island is putting in place a systemic process whereby every high school has a robotics team. If we want to continue to be leaders in technology, shouldn’t our school system recognize and celebrate students competing on technology teams! Robotics is a strong draw for student interest and team sports is how we celebrate atheletic ability so a robotics team needs to be part of every school in [YOUR STATE]!

Rhode Island will be the first state in the nation to offer a FIRST program, specifically the FIRST Vex Challenge, in all of Rhode Island’s 67 public high schools, charter schools, and career and technical centers. Central to the project objectives are plans to integrate the Vex Challenge into the state’s new standards for science, technology, mathematics, and engineering (STEM) education.

I am inviting you, on behalf of all of the teams in FIRST, to attend our regional competition and our national competition and meet these students, mentors, and engineers that are helping create a brighter tomorrow. There you can see what our state needs to do and where it needs to do the most work, at our students.
[Address of Regional]



Edits & Contributers.

I have used part of Andrew’s Letter about Rhode Island.
Located HERE
Added Daniel’s suggestion. Letters to officials should not be copied and pasted. People should but their own character into the letter but use our models as a guideline.

I like the idea, but I think these should be posted as models rather than something that people should edit before sending. It’s important that letters are written with what the individual sender wants to say, and in their own words. That being said, I’ll write something and post it later.

If anyone wants to write a letter to a senator/representative/governor, I’d be happy to help by editing or critiquing the letter. (I can’t promise to reply right away during the build period, but I’ll do it as soon as I can.) My email address is [email protected].

Ill incorporate what you said. I actually think people should model it instead of using it word for word.


I think this is a good idea actually, as I was sort of lost on how to approach constructing the letters to send to our representatives. Thanks for showing us a model that we can at least get an idea from.


No problem. We need everybody’s help if we want Dean’s message to get across and to help lay a brighter future.


same as worldbringer, i can help edit papers. i’ve been called grammer nazi, walking thesaurus, so on and so forth. an e-mail for me would be