Project Line Cross

Hi Chief Delphi!

I hope that everyone’s build season is going well.

Recently, it was brought to our attention that a lot of teams will be writing code that they can provide to other teams so that those teams can cross the line in autonomous mode. The concept is being discussed in this thread right now, and there have been ethical questions raised about taking the code back after the match has been played.

Here at Team 1619, we believe we have a solution to this problem: an open source project aimed at collecting implementations of the “drive forward” auton code in as many languages as possible! We are currently working on an implementation in Java, but anybody should feel free to submit pull requests that add or improve an implementation in any language.

The repository can be found at:

Good luck with the coming season, and let’s cross this line together!

I love this project!! While I have little-to-no clue of how difficult this would be to implement this in competition, I will definitely look into it. I’m so happy you and your team put this together for two reasons.

a) It will allow experts in every programming language to contribute to this effort.

b) Teams can download and test this prior to events and don’t need to get lucky enough to ally with top teams like 1619 to have easy access to simple and reliable drive straight code.

Thanks for putting this together, Avi!

Sounds like an interesting project and a great way to encourage cooperation among many teams. I’ll be happy to contribute.

This is awesome, Avi! Definitely will be contributing.

One thing we need to figure out is how to spread this to the teams that need it most. A ton of teams, especially rookies, don’t use CD (hard to imagine life without CD, I know :eek:). It is everyone’s duty here to be sure to spread the word to rookies and other teams that need this in their area!

Yes, chuteDoor. Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

Anyone that’s competed at an event with 118 can probably recall their “RRR” posters. I think some catchy posters like that at an event could go a long way. Something like, “Does Your Robot Cross the Line? Team XXX can help!”

Hey Avi, hope you and the team are doing well. Mike knows that my team has been planning this as a top priority since the first week. We will test implementation in Utah, and then we can work with you guys in Colorado. It seems that the community is keen to see this happen, which is great. I still doubt that we will ever see 100% of robots run autonomous in any event prior to Champs, but it’s exciting thinking that we may have a significant increase over any previous year.

OpenRIO has a similar thing active as a few lines drop-in for just about any Java/C++ program if you want to draw inspiration from it.

How do I submit a PR for this?

Hi Ty!

Thank you for your interest in this project, I posted such a bare-bones repository on Friday because I was worried that other people were working on it at the same time and didn’t want to be sniped!

To submit a pull request, you will need to first fork the repository, clone it to your computer, move the files that you want into the directory that you just cloned, and then push that up to your fork. When everything is ready, go to and click “New Pull Request”. It should be merged in pretty quickly.

If you have any more questions feel free to PM me.

Thanks again!


AHHHHHH, early collaboration! I love it!