Project Management Platforms

Hey everyone,

I noticed that there were a few individual posts on project management platforms and thought that I’d make a general thread for them. I’m interested to see what other teams use, in our previous year we used a blend of Google Groups and email, which sadly didn’t go to well (missing and misreading emails etc.). For the upcoming season we are currently looking towards a combination of Slack and Asana.

If anyone has previous experience with any management platforms, I’d appreciate if you’d share with us any issues/benefits of it!



FRC3005 uses Trello.

Started in 2014-2015 just playing around with it, and 2015-2016 to manage the build process. This year we’re going even further in on it to try to keep all the various stakeholders up to speed on all the work we do, as well as better assign tasks to folks (keeping visibility).

Our team used Project Libre this year. It let us create tasks, subtasks, etc. and set deadlines for those, as well as assign people to each task. The only downside I see to this program is that it’s not cloud-based (it’s just a file), so unless you put it up on Google Drive/OneDrive, only one person can be in charge of it.

You can find it here:

Slack and Asana were the weapons of choice of my last job, and they were great options. 4901 uses Trello and GroupMe, the former because it fit our flow best and the latter because it degrades to SMS nicely.

We’re starting on our 4th year of using Trello. We’re pretty happy with it. We had to upgrade to Trello Gold due to the size of the CAD and software files we were storing.

Everyone has gotten used to it so it works well for us.

My team has only started using Ansana this year, but so far it seems to be working smoothly and efficiently, and it has schedules unlike slack

We use Meistertask. It works great with our system. Here is the link.

We use a combo of Slack and Trello. Trello integrates into Slack which makes both really powerful. We’ll probably upgrade Slack soon for the extra features. Highly recommend.

We used Microsoft Project for Gantt charts and Google Drive for spreadsheets, documents, and presentations (design reviews, etc.). We’re looking at using Slack for team communication, especially at competition. Having a nice popup on my phone is a nice instant means of communication. My only issue is I can’t get access to slack while at work (yay IT department!), but it’s not a huge deal for me (and it’s not an issue for most people either). The other tool that was critical this year was our implementation of 254’s Cheesy parts. We used it for generating part numbers and tracking orders. It can do more than that (like keeping track of part manufacture status), but we simply don’t have enough people to put someone on that full time. I have difficulty in pulling a student off of a machine to update the part status on the website. Trello seems nice, but I doubt anyone would actually use it much.