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Hey, we at our school are having trouble with the content center library accross the network. Is there a way to add to the content center library on each individual computer? Or is it a just a specific servor tool and it’s not possible to do this? Let me know please!


You can use the installation CD to install the Content Center locally on each computer. I wouldn’t know how to do it if you gave me the CD, but I know that Inventor can be configured to use the local Content Center when you’re disconnected from the network, and the network Content Center when you’re connected.

Aside from being able to publish parts and features that the whole team can access, I’m not sure if there’s any other advantage to using the Content Center on a network, since the default libraries are all the same.

If you use individual content centers you will have issues when another computer opens the file and can not resolve the links to the content center that was used to create the parts.

If the network issue can not be resolved in a timely manner, I would suggest saving the content center parts local to the project by opening them and doing a “Save As” copy to the working directory and then use the “Save As” parts in your assembly. There may be lots of duplication in parts, but it is really aweful to have to resolve tons of links everytime you open a model.

Good Luck

Will this happen if libraries have the same names?

I can’t answer that one. My guess is that it won’t work even though the paths my look identical, since the computer uses the actual hard disk sector location to retrieve the data it requires, not the file path that we see when we use Explorer.

Give it a try and you may get lucky where Inventor automatically creates the missing content center files when the files are opened.