Project T.A.D.P.O.L.E

Team 6081, the Digital Dislocators, is proud to present our offseason accomplishment, Project T.A.D.P.O.L.E. sponsored by Emerald Landscaping:

T.A.D.P.O.L.E. (Tiny Agile Droid Providing Outstanding Learning Experiences) Is a 13"x13" robot powered by dual 3:1 Neos on a tank style chassis granting a top speed of approximately 30 ft/s. The final weight of this beast caps out at a grand total of 28lbs, about the same weight of 57 ears of corn.

The articulation of the intake mechanism is chain driven by a 100:1 Neo while the rollers
are band driven by a single 3:1 Neo implementing an infinity belt.

Tadpole originally started as a side project by a handful of members from our CAD team around week 3 with some time to kill before our week 5 competition. This season was our first time ever implementing CAD in our robot’s design, so we saw this as an opportunity for them to put their new cadding skills to the test. Bored and inspired by Howdybot’s Shortstack, they took action. When they presented it, we all sort of laughed and set it off to the side, not thinking anything would actually happen with it.

After worlds, Tadpole resurfaced as an opportunity for new students to learn and gain robot experience during the offseason. With the support of a local business to provide the necessary materials and exactly one week of preparation, we quickly began building this robot in order to get it competition-ready for the Big Bang! off-season event hosted by team 280, TNT.

Tadpole blew up as a fan favorite amongst the arena adding another layer of enthusiasm on top of the already juiced up crowd. From upside down triple balances to self righting 3 times in one match, Tadpole served as the perfect rodeo clown.

After qualification matches, Tadpole was lucky enough to be invited to join the 2 ranked alliance extending his fun through the playoffs, missing the finals by a single match. Thank you to teams 7211, Hollywood, and 3175, Knight Vison, for making Tadpole’s first competition one to remember!

If you would like to pursue watching any matches of Tadpole in action, here is a hyperlink to the blue alliance page for Big Bang! Tadpole can be found under team number 9981.

We plan on creating Tadpole shirts with a design concept very close to this one. Further updates on the creation and method of acquiring them will be posted shortly. If you are interested please keep your eyes open here and we will push updates out as soon as possible.


TADPOLE was epic to watch.


Best alliance partner


That is amazing! I have been trying to design a micro robot of my own, and it would be great to see more about how you did it. If you are willing, it would be amazing to take a look at the CAD!

currently working on some upgrades, but here you go


It was a ton of fun cheering for the little guy. Especially when it was pushed on the charge station while on its side!

Nice play Robocubs!


Very glad to see we could inspire some fun robot designs. We plan on debuting our new short stack at NTX this year, so it is cool to see what other teams come up with for this challenge. All we need to do now is get enough teams trying it to make a tiny bot only event :wink:


I would fly across the country to see this masterpiece happen, shortstack and tadpole are two of my favorite robots of their respective years


this seems like a shirt collab waiting to happen


Playing with tadpole was so much fun! This robot was capable of so much in elims and was such a great alliance partner!

Can’t believe Tadpole solved world peace


Americans will use anything other than the metric system


As 6081’s lead mentor, I hereby decree that we shall henceforth measure strictly in this manner!


As an American, I did think that it was odd that they’d list the size of the robot as 13x13 inches, instead of 0.003611x0.003611 football fields, the way our founding fathers intended.


Tadpole Update | 7/10/23

Tadpole is now strictly a cube bot, but is able to score in all locations. We have also almost doubled the weight on the bottom plate, so hopefully we’ll spend a little less time upside down…
animated (1)


Welcome to the cube gang! :handshake:



UPDATE: Official TADPOLE shirts have been acquired and will be available for purchase at Rainbow Rumble. Purchases are limited to CASH ONLY and priced at $20 a shirt. Sales and handling will be taken care of by 6081 coach Andy Galicki. Other methods of acquirement may be available soon so keep your eyes peeled if you are not attending the Rainbow Rumble and would like to get your hands on a TADPOLE shirt!


In the pictures, no banana nor ear of corn is provided for reference. I suspect this violates a G909 or something like that… :joy:

Team Koops x T.A.D.P.O.L.E. crossover??



TADPOLE UPDATE 08/03/23: Tadpole merch is officially available for purchase! We have T-shirts ranging in sizes S-5XL, pullover hoodies, and Sticker decals. This Online store is only open for a limited period and will shut down as of Thursday, August 17, 2023 (11:59 PM EDT). all orders will be processed and shipped AFTER the store closes.

The online store can be located at : Online Team Sporting Goods Sales - OrderMyGear : using the store code TADPOLE.