Prom attire

As a follow up to the duct tape thread, if you had no care in the world what other people thought of you (and you really shouldn’t), what would you make an outfit out of to wear as a riduclous outfit to your prom and why? And to encouarge people to do it, say you were given $300 just to do it.

I saw one girl on TV who made a dress entirely out of used starburst wrappers.

Seran wrap

and only one layer of it…

When I was watching Shrek I noticed that I could be the princess and my boyfriend could be a good Shrek, I would do that for a prom. You’d have to pay HIM double though.

There is a nation wide competition that goes on for who ever makes the best prom outfits. The prize is a scholarship I believe. I just remember my dad saying this to me when my prom came around. NO I didn’t do it. I think Duct Tape or 3M puts on this competition every year. Im not sure of all the rules, or if it still exists, I just thought I should mention it.

My ex-girlfriend and her friend participated in the competition…

I think someone should make an outfit out of all of those annoying AOL cds they send out. They need to be put to some use (they make pretty good coasters!)


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I know someone who made an entire dress out of stickers from the post office. it looked awesome!

I agree with MissInformation, something should be done with those annoying AOL CDs!

I think it could be illegal to use US Postal products for anything other than mailing things. I do think a delivery confirmation jacket would look pretty neat.

How about bubble wrap. You’d get so much attention from peole wanting to pop your outfit.

I don’t think they would care at all especially if you paid for them. Because if your sticking them on yourself your not trying to mail a package with them and its pure profit for them.

It depends on which postal products we are talking about. Some cost money, some are free. I’m not sure if they would let you use any of them for that purpose though. It’s a government thing.

My friend is seriously considering wearing an orange suit to our prom next year. At first he said it was going to be fake fur, and then he decided to make it fleece instead… but he’s lazy, so I doubt he’ll actually get around to it :D]

edit: haha, AOL cds… anyone remember AOL floppy disks? Back before AOL realized they were giving away free floppies :smiley:

I’ve found that those make great frisbees if you get the hang of throwing them. They make a nice tink when they hit hard cement…

Random AOL CD fun: stick it in a microwave! I remember seeing a physics experiment on this once. Stick a CD in a microwave for 8 seconds and sparks jump between the tracks, making for a really REALLY cool lightning effect.

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Also, they make really great mouse-trap-driven-car wheels. You just have to figure out how to match the hub to whatever shaft you have. Coat the edges in duct tape and you have great traction.

Oh, and finally about the prom thing… I think I’d make my prom outfit with an exoskeleton of aluminum, pneumatics, and motors. The only song I’d be able to dance to would be “Mr. Roboto”, BUT I’D BE A DARN GOOD ROBOT DANCER!


My $.01999999999999… (nothing is ever absolute!)

they make nice disco ball’s too.

break into little pieces, and glue them to one of those foam balls you get at the craft store.

when the boys on my robotics team were mad at me cuz I was on a baking strike, they TP’ed me and stole so many AOL cd’s and put them all over. Arranged in funky patterns all over my lawn, sticking outta bushes, put in random crevices, and they adorned my mailbox. I must say that it was really artistic and the shininess really brought out the toilet paper when the sun came up.

Everytime those annoying AOL CD’s come through the mail to my house, I try to get rid of as soon as I can. If I don’t, then my brother (who is 20 years old!) will take them and use them as frisbees. They can hurt if they hit you :mad:. Then he takes them and shaters them by bending them. Those CD’s sure can bend alot before they shater into lots of little peices ;).

So the question comes up…

What is the safest way to shatter an AOL CD???

Clay shooting with the cds…its good stress relief :smiley:

This must be the best thing to do with AOL CD’s, I tape them together or tape them to the wall (shiny side up) and you get one huge weird CD mirror, it look the best. I’ve also thought of taping them to the ceiling or using them as a border. I made one two years ago (7 CD’s by 4 CD’s) and I have it hanging over my desk. I haven’t gotten around to making it bigger. But trust me… it looks cool.

I have a CD mirror on my desk at home. It keeps a certain someone from being able to sneak up on me and scare the beep out of me! Of course, half of the time, I’m completely engrossed in what I’m doing and I fail to check it…

I saw a CD hanging from someon’s rearview mirror recently, so I guess they can be decorative.


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