Prom Idea

So I was thinking of asking a girl to Prom at a regional.

Do you guys think that I could ask permission to do so on the field?

I was also thinking of doing it in a cheesy manner too, by a short poem starting with.

Triangles are red
Squares are blue

Ideas would be appreciated.


Ask the emcee, if there’s downtime, or during a break are good times where they’ll usually let you. We’ve done this before in SD. Keep it short and sweet, that’s the key.

Triangles are red
Squares are blue
Gosh, I hope
I don’t get blight.
Will you go to prom with me?

That’s how I got my prom date last year. Yup. I talked about a disease that ruins potatoes and kills people. (I’m kidding, of course.)

Triangles are red
Squares are blue
Oh, and I’d like
to go to prom with you.

That could work


I think this is really helpful

Think of using the Pit Administration for this purpose. (I know, 4.8.11)

“Attention Teams: Harry from team 2022 would like to request an alliance with Sally from team 2022 at this year’s prom.
And some 3/8-16 nuts.”

At Bayou Regional last year an alumni/mentor proposed during the award ceremony. He was called down to present a special “award” for something nonexistent like enduring partnership. Then the emcee called her down to receive the award and when she walked on to the field he got down on one knee. It was adorable.

I think you idea is really cute and good luck!

Taylor, that’s the most epic way I can imagine 2 ask, I think we know where ur team gets it’s Ingenuity

Ask if you can do it at alliance selection time. That way she has to say yes; if she says no she can’t go with anyone else.

Actually, somebody did this at the Troy District last year. We on the sidelines said he had to have been pretty confident of the answer. Imagine if she said no in front of hundreds of people.

This is literally the most amazing prom proposal I have heard of ever. :smiley:

very few people go to great lengths for a no, and few will refuse when they know you went to great lengths (not to mention when EVERYBODY is watching).

Umm, How would you ask your robot to prom? just wondering cause i was think of it…

It depends on what programming language you’re using…

You install a speeker, record someone saying “yes”, save that sound bite into the code and have code to play it on the speaker at the press of a button durring teleop. then someone drives the robot out infrount of you, you ask and it “says” yes.

easier then making the bumpers.

Thanks for all the suggestions, Unfortunately, the girl I asked happened to get sick the day I wanted to ask her at the regional, I ended up getting the person running the stream to put up the question on the stream.

Went over well though, got a yes!

glad to hear. Be willing to bet she is making sure to have atleast part of that days stream downloaded/sent to her.

Lol it might be a tad late, but this is how I asked my girlfriend to Prom in Oklahoma:
“With you I could take on Einstein. Will you join my alliance for Prom?” along with the whole got-down-on-a-knee-with-roses. She graciously accepted. :slight_smile: The field crew and emcee were super okay with it (We even got called adorable.) The emcee called her down and everything, then I came out from under one of the FTA table (don’t ask, I wanted to surprise her) and then it went on from there.

Triangles are red, Squares are blue, we build robots together, so why not Prom too?

If a guy said this to me, I would NOT refuse. :slight_smile:

That is adorable and extremely creative :slight_smile:
Gosh that would be the coolest thing to be asked to prom at a robotics competition
Unfortunately I’m not that lucky but ironically I am going to prom with a robotics kid

congrats man! glad it worked! let us know how prom goes

That is so Cute!! :slight_smile: