Prom Outfits

The other day I was shopping for my tuxedo for my Senior Prom, when a thought occured to me. Why be plain and go with an ordinary black tux, when I could be out there and stand out. I was thinking either a green tux (think MOE) or a bright blue tux…Whaddya think? I’d also like to hear what you’ll be wearing to your prom, and if you and your date are coordinating your clothes

You might want to talk to your date before doing that.

I second that !! If she’s all for it, i suggest the MOE green. :cool:

Someone at my prom wore a peach tux to match his date and my friend’s bf wore a white tux. I think while the peach was outrageous, the while stood out and still looked classy. Do you still have time to make a duck tape tux? You could stand out and make money! No matter what though, check with your date. good luck, and have fun!

I would go with MOE green as long as your date is in hot pink. Then it will be like Heather flags (team 696 2003 robot had bright pink and green flags).

I had this great silver tux and it worked out great since no one else was wearing one. The best part was that i have a black and white picture where i’m standing in the middle of all my freinds wearing black tux’s making me stand out and look awsome. I had fun.

No, no. That ruins all the fun :slight_smile:

What’d I wear to prom? (points upward)

As for the tux, go nuts. Just make sure you have a date for the evening that will remain your date for the evening.

This is what I wore to prom

My boyfriend, Joe, wore a very nice, classy black tux with a black and silver vest and matching bow tie. :slight_smile:

The coolest dress at my prom was ChellyZee’s light up dress. Yay for fiber optics! :wink:

meh tux’s are over rated, just wear some blue jeans and one of those tee shirts that have a tux printed on it… works just the same :slight_smile: but then again i didnt goto my prom so i have no idea :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll vote for the Miami Vice inspired Bright Blue tux. Hey, it worked for me. That’s what I wore to my prom. A bright royal blue tux jacket, white dress shirt, and a matching royal blue cumberbund*, and a blue bowtie. And I think my pants were black.
Oh, and it went great with my royal blue Mountain Gear shoe/boots (which I also wore to graduation with my red cap and gown… lol
Those shoe/boots were a pain to dance in though, so you want to be careful what you wear on your feet if you plan on dancing, and if you don’t dance at your prom, then you are missing all the fun IMHO.

As for my date coordinating her clothes… I’d have to say that wasn’t a problem. My date wore a handmade dress by her mom (who was a dressmaker) so it worked out fine. I believe it was mostly black with a rose print of some kind??

I’ll have to dig out my pictures… Senior Prom was fun! :smiley:

If you’re going to be wearing something outragous (a moe green tux) you do need to talk to your date. I would seriously hurt my date if he had shown up in lime green (though thinking about it…It would have been cool.) Nevertheless…I think what you wear depends on your personality. If you’re known for doing wacky things that it wont matter but if you’re like…the shy reserved type…it’ll be a big deal. One of the guys from my school wore a powder blue suit with a very bright canary yellow dress shirt and a pair of light brown oakleys. He looked like one of the mafia guys from Scarface (I think my date said Mr. Black…I forget). It looked cool…minus the canary yellow…though. Oh yeah…white patan leather shoes too.

Haha! Go in a leisure suit! (Arms scrunched up 80s-style)

I was gonna wear the MOE pimp suit, but my date wouldn’t let me. And I was even gonna bring the PVC cane, the sunglasses, hat, and the coke cup too.

Were you the P-I-M-P from nats? Who wouldn’t want to go with the prom with a stud like that on their arm?!?!? :slight_smile:

I am returning to my high school with some old friends (by popular demand) for this years Junior/Senior Prom. It’ll be nice since we don’t really have any formals or dances or anything besides just going to the night clubs in college.
… anywho, I never realized it till now… but the last gown I purchased (one of like 8) is very close to MOE green. I was planning on doing my hair green too, but its been very hard to find the gels around here so the new orange/blonde will have to do!

*/WARNING: If planning on being a little silly (aka weird) I would suggest consulting with your date. I’m out of high school, and getting married soon - I can look like a fool! * :yikes:

So, did your team’s mascot “The Tick” make an appearance; or is he planning on making an appearance at your prom? LOL I think that would be too cool…
I just like the color of the suit… See my post on page 1. :smiley:



OK, assumig that the “MOE pimp suit” is bright green (fair assumption? :)) I think that’s the coolest thing ever. I would so go to prom with a guy wearing that. Neon green is the way to go!

Ok, now is it just me, or is FIRST some kind of weird cult? Judging by the pictures that have been uploaded lately and this thread, it seems like FIRST people often date and/or go to prom with other FIRST people. Sorta like how football players go to prom with the cheerleaders. Only, you know…a whole lot geekier.

I mean, what is with you people? Personally…I…ahem…would never…you know…go to prom with a guy from my team…cough…or anything crazy like that. looks around wildly to make sure no one she knows is listening Right.

More proof that once you join FIRST, it takes over your entire life…

Yep, robotics does take up your whole live, I want to go to prom but I’ll wait, when will a guy ask me!?! Well there’s always next year, it’s just that another friend is going ans she’s younger than me. But what can I expect, I’m a FIRST geek. WEEEEeeeeeeeeeeee! :cool: