Pontiac Northerns prom is in like 2 hours.
I am very excited.
I will post pics tomorrow or friday.

Your prom is held in the middle of the week? :confused:

Mine was on Thursday May 18 :stuck_out_tongue:
I couldn’t even go to a movie after because nothing is open late on a weeknight.

What a strange world the midwest is…

Our prom was on a Friday…it was fun!

Ours was on a Saturday It was Awesome.

That was so awful! Nothing was open! What has gotten into these schools lately pfft

It’s not the midwest, it’s Milford…

God I miss city life…

city life?! What are you talking about Beth?!
We’ve got Main St. and… umm Detroit St… There’s a downtown I swear! With nice fancy restaurants that burn down every few years! How can you miss city life:rolleyes:

City life, aka Lansing! Gah home for the summer!

This sounds like the opening lines to a very
sad, morose ballad -

‘Prom night on a Thursday in Milford’
co-written by Beth Sweet and KoKoEd, author of The Midwest: A Strange World

But you guys have Hoffa!!! take him to prom…

Country or Urban
Weekday or Weekend
The main question is that if you had fun or not.

Although ours was all night long (9pm-6pm); in the nightlight of politically influence town named DC.
And yes it was really easy to point out the kids of politicians :slight_smile:

Prom was awesome
Awesome food
and ripped up dollar bills all over the floor.
it was fun

Are the HOT girls that desperate?!?!? :eek: <ducks>

yay pictures

yay more pictures

You guys look nice in those pictures.
I didn’t go to prom, but I had fun at home nonetheless.

It is kinda weird to have a prom in the middle of the week, but once you think about it, it is a good way to restrict the crime level since people have no choice but to go home. Its always that small group of delinquents that ruin the fun for all of us. :frowning:

I hope everybody enjoyed themselves at prom :slight_smile:

So here’s my question -
did you have to go to school today?
if yes - :ahh:
if no - :slight_smile:

no, we got out last friday.