promblem with RCX firmware and BricxCommandCenter (NQC)

Hello guys

I have a problem with the RCX firmware and Bricxcommand center (The nqc language)

I have used ‘firm328.lgo’, i have loaded it into the rcx, en have written a program, first, the program does not what it have to do, and second, i can’t use the ‘run’ button on the RCX.
Oja, the ‘man’ on the rcx, go not walk, when I start the rcx program by the BricxCommandcenter.

How can I solve this problem? I have try every version of bricxCommandCenter and with erery version I have the same problem.

Help me :slight_smile:

These forums are primarily used for the FIRST robotics comepetition. Even though our forum has the name Delphi in it, we are in no way related to Delphi programming. Don’t expect a response to your question immediatly, there may be a few select individuals on here that may know what your talking about, but the majority of us do not (including me). I do offer you to explore FIRST robotics more, and to enjoy your time on


Hey Greg, it’s not Delphi programming.

About Bricx Command Center

**Bricx Command Center (BricxCC) is a highly popular Windows-based IDE for programming the LEGO RCX (all versions), Scout, Cybermaster, and Spybot programmable bricks using NQC as well as MindScript, LASM, C++, C, Pascal, Java, and Forth. **

Any FLL programmers wanna handle this question?

I don’t have experience with Bricx, but the first thing you should do is check your batteries. If you just replaced them, reload the firmware. If you have a problem with the “run” button, you can check the power (on or off) and if that doesn’t work, try a remote (if you have one). If that doesn’t work, I can’t help anymore.

Could someone with Bricx experience help me out here?

Download a program (preferably the default ones).

Use RIS (if you have it) to load firmware and/or default programs.

Make sure you’ve selected the right program.

Ask on Lugnet.

wow…i feel dumb, my appologies!

I’ve used BricxCC 3.3, but I’ve never downloaded firmware with it. I used the firmware that came with Robolab (2.5.4, I believe), and all of my NQC programs thus far do what they’re told.

EDIT: Ohdamn, I just looked at the date on this.

There are different versions of the Brick/RCX. You may have software that requires one of the later versions of the hardware. Check the requirements for your software.