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What a season! We totally ran out of buttons and stickers at World’s. We made more than we ever thought we would use and were left with disappointed students looking for more.

I am looking for creative ideas and suppliers for next year.

Who do you use for your promo items?

Besides buttons, stickers, wooden coins, and silicone bracelets - what other low-cost items else are you giving away to help promote the team?

Any wisdom to share with other teams?

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We bought a very large quantity (10,000?) of these years ago due to some very good bulk pricing. It worked out really well since we now just have a massive stockpile of them for anywhere we need/want outreach items. It’s going to be a sad day when we run out of bracelets. Fortunately, that day is probably 5+ years in the future. As a bonus, they also work to keep t-shirts rolled up for a t-shirt cannon.

There was an FTC team from Minnesota that have away little glasses screw drivers

Promo toothbrushes are coolio because they are useful. I believe 3940, Cybertooth, sometimes makes a batch. Always epic IMO (both the team and the dental care).

last year our team passed out poker chips


At the INCMP, a team passed out pokemon-style cards, each featuring a different team at the event. There were also cards for key volunteers and other luminaries at the event.


At one point 2767 gave out tiny branded screwdrivers and we still frequently use that screwdriver years later. If you’re looking for something that will really spread your team brand I think any sort of small, cheap tool could be good.

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One of our students got the idea to do it, and it became a real thing the week leading up to State. I have some of the 32 they made below.

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We do Stickers and Business Cards Every Year,

Pro Tip: We make sure to get higher quality vinyl stickers printed instead of printing paper stickers ourselves it costs a bit more but they come off cleanly and we don’t want to be responsible for leaving torn sticky paper residue behind if/when people put the stickers somewhere they shouldn’t, like say the walls of the venue.

We buy about 2200 small rubber ducks from Amazon every season and write our team number on the front in sharpie. People love them, but we run out every competition, so it might be time to start budgeting for more than ~500 per comp…


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