Promotional Video

Hey, i just finished a promo video, u know, a little something for the sponsers. Check it out here and feel to give me any feedback. thanx

Can you render it as a .mpg, .avi, or .mov? I don’t know how to open .mp4, never even knew it existed.

MP4 is MPEG-4 (designed for high quality web streaming, I think it was). Similarly, DVD’s are MPEG-2. Newer versions of Quicktime should be able to open it, likely others as well.

quite impressive… that you could do all that in about a week its pretty good stuff

i thot mp4 was divx?

mp4 runs with quicktime, sorry about the format, ive been having trouble with other codecs, once i find one that works well, ill convert it to other formats.

DIVX is a variant of the MPEG-4 standard.

.MP4 is the official standard and it should play on all players.

Anyways I can’t even get a .MP4 file, I just get a module.PHP file.


You animation folks never cease to impress me. Good stuff.

pout I wish my team had good animators! pout