pronouncing iiko

So we are currently starting on our soundtrack for the animation and have come into a debate on how to pronounce iiko.

How have you been saying it?

my vote goes for E-co like the enviroment


Best bet would be to with pronouncing it with that because Im sure a majority or animation teams with pronounce it that way, though I wish Autodesk would of put a pronunciation but the word.

Google translate pronounces it EE-KO so I guess that’s how.

Our team pronounces it as “ee-ee-koh”. But I’m not sure…

Our team has already finished our narration and this is how we chose to announce it. if that helps anyone XD

We also went with ee - ko. As the girls pointed out (we happen to have an all-girl animation squad), not only does it tie to ecology but “ii” should be pronounced “ee” by virtue of the Nintendo Wii.

hah, never thiought of that one:p I noticed some teams said “I-ko” We did at first but changed it to “Ee-ko”