Proof Canadian Customs Actually Does Something...

On our way back from the GLR on Saturday night, when we were crossing the border back into Canada, one of our team members (who shall remain nameless) was removed from one of our vans, taken into a small white room, and ahem searched - throughly.

Now, what set him apart from the rest of us? He was wearing baggier clothes, and a winter hat (I really don’t know why he had a hat on in the van anyway).

So a word of advice to those American teams driving up to the Canadian Regional, don’t dress like a hoodlum, dress so that your grandmother (and customs officers) would be pleased.

(and when you see the “Media Lackey” at the Canadian Regional, be nice to him…)

<off topic> Where is the Canadian Regional held? <off topic>

That might be a possible regional for next year :smiley: (We’re from Michigan, so who knows…that might be cool to go to :slight_smile: )

Mississauga, ON.

Watch OUT canada!! :wink:

It is my fear that some of the not so bright people on my team are going to say/do something stupid.

Did they find anything? :smiley:

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**It is my fear that some of the not so bright people on my team are going to say/do something stupid. **

I hear ya.

I told the people in the van I was driving that if they did anything dumb that I would just leave them with Customs…lol.

On a non-border related topic I got pulled over for speeding…I was going about 45km/h over the limit (I was going 145km/h in a 100km/h zone for Americans that = going 80 something in a 65). But the cop was nice and only gave me a ticket for going 129km/h so I lost fewer demerit points. Happily I was in Canada when that happened.

First time I’ve ever been pulled over too…

Ahhh, FIRST memories…lol

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**Did they find anything? :smiley: **

Happily not (Note: I am assuming there was nothing to find).

My last experience with customs was still a few days before the war, going to the Pittsburgh Regional. Our encounter with US customs was about 15 seconds in length. On the way back it was more like 30. Easy both ways. :slight_smile:

And 100 km/h is closer to 60 mi/h.

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First time I’ve ever been pulled over too…

Ahhh, FIRST memories…lol**

Ah…haha…there’s a FIRST time for everything. slaps knee Ouch.

This is also off topic but, is your team (1114) from Tecumseh, ON? I used to live there and my cousin said that his school had a robotics team. I’m just curious about it.

Ok, I just remembered though, it was St. Annes High School I was thinking about.

You where the only Canadian team competing, 1114. Woburn was just there scouting (we talked to one of them!!)

That would have been either my brother or me. Holla is correct that his team was the only Canadian team competing, but we were there to check out the action.

Hmm…It seems as if Canadian Customs is the exact same as airport security…just the airport has a bit better technology so there are hardly any thorough checks.

Oi! Sorry Holla, it was a fairly safe, if bad assumption, I guess. :yikes:

LOL! I didn’t know Canada would do something like that… MY GOD THEY WORK!

The Canadian Regional is help in Missisauga Ontario which is on the NE side of Toronto. About a 2 minute drive off of HWY 401. Hope to see you there next year. We have the best regional around and the fastest growing.

I have crossed the Canadian border 4 times in my life. First two times it was no big deal, in and out in 30 seconds max. Third and fourth took maybe 10 minutes. We was on a tour bus and they got on and just started asking various people questions. No big deal. Although, the first time I crossed I was all scared that they would make me get out and search me and what not. Sorta like they did at LAX when I flew out of there when I was 11…being pulled to side at a Los Angeles airport is no fun. Especially when you have lots of weird stuff in your cargo pants and every pocket is full and bursting at the seams. Plastic lizards…lots of chewed gum back in the wrappers. That security guard lady freaked when I pulled out that lizard, it was a bit funny. I just kept beeping, they eventually gave up. Yeah…that airport stuff was bit off topic but it was funny if you were there.