Proof of FRC Participation

I am a senior who has already applied and been accepted to Ferris State University. They provide a $2,000 scholarship to an incoming freshman who has competed in FTC or, in my case, FRC. On the the application they list the following as part of the Required Documentation

Student must provide documentation confirming participation in the FIRST Robotics Competition or the FIRST Tech Challenge.

What would be the best thing to provide to meet this criteria?

Maybe your STIMS registration screenshot showing your membership on your FRC team?


I would say to use STIMS registration as mentioned above. Welcome to Ferris, Go Bulldogs! If you need anything on campus pm me!

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A letter of recommendation from a mentor? A picture of you with the team?

I would reach out to them and ask exactly what they’re looking for there, as it’s a bit unclear.


They mention a letter of recommendation separately, so I doubt that would count. I was thinking of using a picture, but I felt a document of some kind would be more professional.

I’d suggest that shooting them an email for clarification is the safest way to make sure you’re in compliance.

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I’d recommend looking at this proof as another way of selling your contributions to the team, if possible. Take a screenshot of STIMS, sure, but pictures of you with the team, perhaps a bullet list of your contributions to the team over your time there would be further proof and look really good on an application.

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