Proper Hurdling?

Would it be against the rules to have our robot place the ball on either overpass (their starting point), then knock it over. Would that be considered a hurdle or does it have to be launched over the pass?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Yes that would be considered a hurdle. I think they addressed that in the Q&A forums here. I don’t remember where exactly it is. I do know it’s under the game play section.

1)You only get points when your trackball crosses your finish line:

<G10> Each TRACKBALL that has CROSSED its own FINISH LINE while not in contact with a
ROBOT of the same ALLIANCE will earn 2 points. A TRACKBALL that has CROSSED its
own FINISH LINE which contacts ROBOTS of both ALLIANCES while CROSSING will earn
2 points.

2)this has 3 refrences:

<G11> Each TRACKBALL that HURDLES its own FINISH LINE will earn 8 points (2 points for
CROSSING the FINISH LINE and a 6 point bonus, yielding 8 points total).

From team update #1:

 The reference to Rule <G10> has been deleted from Rule <G11>. Robot contact
with a trackball while hurdling is permitted, however a trackball passing under the
Overpass and across the finish line must not be in contact with a Robot, per Rule

and then contacts either the floor or another ROBOT before re-contacting the originating ROBOT.
HURDLING: The act of completing a HURDLE. To be considered in the process of HURDLING,
the ROBOT must:
 be in its own HOME STRETCH, and
 be in POSSESSION of a TRACKBALL, and
 be moving toward the OVERPASS and/or elevating the TRACKBALL so that the top of the
TRACKBALL is higher than the LANE DIVIDER.

So no, you do not have to launch the trackball.