Proper Software and Configuration for Competition

I’m trying to find proper documentation on all the setup one will need for all of our software/hardware to be up to date with the latest versions. I have found this page, , but it’s for the 2014 control system. Does anyone have a version of this that is made for the 2016 system?
I have also found this page, and this seems to be up to date with all of the latest software. Does anyone have any more comments/suggestions?

The latter is a good source to use.
Most everything listed is included in the frc update suite or though eclipse plugins. CTRE updates can be found on their respective pages on their website and are updated through the roboRIO web interface.

I am the CSA for Mount Olive Districts this weekend in NJ and that last link above looks correct based on my personal FRC robot as of the last time I looked (Sunday night).

If I get any new information from Kevin I’ll be sure to update this topic.

I will bring all the firmware versions I know about to the competition with me - but for those of you not using CAN everywhere you probably want to be sure to update before you have to start moving around wires.