Proper Spelling of team or people's names

If your team has a name that is not so ordinary or you have a member that has a not so ordinary name, please post their names here. I have noticed there is a mass misspelling of some “house-hold FIRST names” such as, Woody Flowers instead of Woodie Flowers. So please post your teams proper spelling here so people will spell it correctly.

My teams name it the Technokats…with a K not a C :slight_smile:
other names I have to add are
Woodie Flowers
Dean Kamen

Who else has a unique team name?

My mom cant seem to grasp the concept of Robotix.

She made a few signs for the team this year with spellings of: Robotixs, and Robitix.

R.A.G.E. technically, although we may not always type it that way, it is actually an acronym for Robotics** And G**adget Engineering

As for me, my name is Lisa…Rodriguez…so many ways to spell it, best time was when the told the airline the wrong spelling (after my brother had been on the team 4 years, and my 2nd w/ a one year overlap)

The first few years i saw some crazy spelling for our team’s name SparX.
SparkXs, SparXks, Sparks, SparXz. we wanted to have some Xerox in there.

Misplacing a K with a C isn’t too bad.

We’ve seen TechnoKaps

and TechnoRats

I guess we’re lucky–there’s only so many ways to type “D5 Robotics,” and all of them still look somewhat right.

Leverette, on the other hand…(faints)


SigmaC@Ts 108

Here in yak-town (Pontiac), we spell Huskie without the y. Don’t know why, but thats the way we have kept it even though its maybe not correct.


People can never spell my name.

Dorienne Plait.

Not Doriene, not Dorie, not Dory, not Dora, not Doreen, etc…

And it’s not Platt, Plaitt, Plate, Plat, or any other funky name you come up with.

My last name is always gets misspelled…Alvarado. I have seen it Alvrdo, Alvorodo, Alvorado, Elverado, and the list could go on. And my real name (not nickname) Stephen is said like Stefen not Steven.

For some strange reason, people always seem to spell my last name incorrectly. I’m not really sure why.

No one ever knows how to spell or pronounce Hauppauge.

Pronounce it ‘HopOgg’ or ‘Hoppog’ or 'HopPog’ or ‘Hopog’, not ‘Hop pow gee’ nor ‘How pow gee’
Spell it ‘HAUPPAUGE’

wierd that eh :stuck_out_tongue:

Systemetric - Not Systematic, or Systemic, or Sypnatic or anything like that… We use the Metric System, So Systemetric

Oh and another thing, team 71 is Team Hammond not Beatty. And it is spelled Beatty for all those that spell it something like Baty.

MOE stands for Miracle Of Engineering

Our team name is The Miracle Workerz

How about that announcer at least years exhibiiton who called your team Spar-X?

This really bugs me. People manage to mispell my last name. Brim. How hard is that?

Oh yeah…

(didn’t copy). You can almost fit 4 of my last name in there.

Thank god the announcer knew us from last year. :smiley:

Besides that people mispell my last name all the time - Cloak, Clocke, Cloack, etc. :ahh:

I cannot tell you how many times people have misspelled my name. Bridget, Brigitte, etc, etc. And people never hear my last name (Blight) right either. Somehow people always think it’s Blake.

Our team’s name this year was the Garrett Coalition…not Garett, not Garret, not Garet. And contrary to popular belief, we are from MARYLAND, not West Virginia.

Our driver’s name is almost never spelled right: it’s Erik, not Eric or any of the many other ways to spell it. And our human player’s last name isn’t spelled right a lot of the time; it’s Storck, like the bird.

It’s not a misspelling, but almost everyone on the team has called me Sarah at one time or another…Sarah is the other girl on the team, but since there are only two of us, you’d think they’d remember who was who… :smiley: