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For those of you who complain about the rule requiring safety glasses, check out the Red Sox in this picture

Oy! Watch out for flying corks! I can safely say (no pun intended) that safety goggles have saved my hide and multiple occasions. Most notable being a piece of metal that broke free of the collet on the lathe and shot out at my face. The safety goggles (the big chem-style ones) took the full brunt of the blow, and I managed to walk away with one helluva goggle imprint and some shaken nerves.

4 members of our team participated in a demo here at UT yesterday. It was the first of a 3 day event. When I checked out our table after the students had set it up, one of the things that caught my eye was a pair of safety glasses. It was really cool to see the safety glasses right there with the joy sticks. Lots of middle schoolers got to ask questions about them as well, so that was cool, too.

It also tells me that our students value their importance and that they are included in the equipment check list, even for a demo.

This will be a great photo to show when we do our safety-glasses reminder safety talk!

Theo will love it.